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Human resources and social policy of JSC PC StankoPress

Human resources and Social Policy of JSC PC StankoPress aimed at the preservation, strengthening and development of the personnel potential, creation of a skilled and highly productive cohesive team able to react to the changes.

The main directions of the Company's personnel and Social Policy:

  • planning of the staff requirements, the formation and timely adjustment of the structure and staff, the creation of a personnel reserve;
  • creation and support of a personnel information system;
  • ensuring an effective system of the employee motivation;
  • provision of a personnel development program, career guidance and adaptation of employees, planning of individual promotion, formation of an effective team of like-minded people, vocational training, professional development, retraining and vocational training of team;
  • development and implementation of an effective system of the personnel remuneration providing the competitive level of wages to attract and retain highly qualified specialists;
  • introduction of additional types of material incentives, based on the quality of work performance and labor outcomes;
  • development and implementation of a social program for employees.

The Company’s personnel potential corresponds to the level of the existing production. The sufficient intellectual potential is accumulated. The system of attracting employees and increasing the level of their education and professional competencies are operated.

Work with young specialists

Working with the staff, much attention is paid to activities to attract and retain young trained professionals under the age of 30 years. One of such measures is the encouragement and rewarding of young specialists that are employees of the engineering center of JSC PC StankoPress, engaged in the development of new equipment and technologies.

Thus ensuring the continuity of experience and generations, the practice of mentoring is widely applied in the Company: when the work of a young specialist is supervised by a more senior and experienced mentor. As a priority, young specialists are sent to foreign partners of the Company for internships, exchanging of experience and strengthening professional ties, development of advanced technologies.

Other mechanisms, such as the realization of the right to secondary (higher) vocational education, to engage in scientific activities, training and retraining, are used to attract young employees. The Company provides support to young families of specialists. The Company is willing to support the tradition of family trades and labor dynasties in the Company, among other work and several generations of family members.

The Company conducts activities to orient and involve the younger generation in the work and engineering professions. The Production Company StankoPress actively cooperates with specialized institutions of the secondary and higher vocational education in the organization of the educational process: employees are engaged in teaching, educational activities are conducted, students and graduate students are invited to practice or participate in a personal recommendation of the scientific leaders and heads of professorial universities in the implementation of projects.  

Training and professional personnel development

The personnel qualification of JSC PC StankoPress corresponds to the level of existing production, however, the need to ensure the quality of products at the level appropriate to the world, increasing labor productivity and lowering production costs requires the development of additional professional competencies both by developers (engineers, designers, technologists) and by basic team. In this regard, the issues of professional training, retraining, advanced training and professional training of personnel acquire special significance.

In order to supply the work with the appropriate staff and maintaining the knowledge levels of managers and specialists of the Company carried out the certification of workplaces, including the knowledge check of rules, regulations and regulatory documents. The knowledge testing is carried out by a permanent Certification Commission appointed by the General Director.

According to the decision of the Certification Commission, the employee of the organization can also be directed on passing of training and advanced training courses.

JSC PC StankoPress actively cooperates with training centers of the main manufacturers of the component base, software and means of the industrial automation of the world's leading manufacturers. In order to use the latest achievements of science and technology in the creation of products, the specialists of the Company regularly attend refresher courses and familiarization courses in the centers of training and support of suppliers and manufacturers. As a result of 2017, every fifth employee underwent continuous professional education and training which corresponds to modern requirements for professional development and acquisition of necessary professional competencies. 22 different employees were covered in various forms of training, retraining and advanced training.

The volume of scientific personnel training is increasing. In postgraduate courses are trained 3 people.

The heads of directions and specialists of the Company are regularly sent to industry exhibitions to get acquainted with the products of suppliers, contractors and competitors which invariably increases the technical level of the products manufactured by JSC PC StankoPress and its general attractiveness and competitiveness.

By accumulating and augmenting the experience of specialists, combined with the continuity of generations of employees, the main goal of the Company's personnel and Social Policy is to create the personnel development system and innovation management which ensures the creation of world-class high-tech developments.