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Company's structure and main locations

JSC PC StankoPress is a geographically distributed company, with the organizational structure of a mixed type. The combination of the vertical linear management structure with the usage of the functional-staff structural units ensures the efficiency of decision-making and execution of the management decisions, high responsibility of all team levels, as well as understanding and professionalism in the preparation of decisions and strategic planning. The organizational structure of management allows JSC PC StankoPress to react quickly to requirements of the market, provides high culture of the production, objectivity of control and personal responsibility of personnel for result and quality of products.

JSC PC StankoPress is an independent, 100% Russian company, independently defining its own market policy and the development strategy. JSC PC StankoPress carries out the activity according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Charter of the organization.



JSC PС StankoPress has the representative office in Moscow and the plant in Kolomna, the Moscow region. The regional representatives of the company are also present in the main industrial regions of Russia and some contries abroad.

Moscow representative office of JSC PC StankoPress 

The Company's office in Moscow includes an engineering and service centers, as well as the commercial services of the Company. The proximity of the largest transport hubs of the country allows the service staff to arrive as quickly as possible to the Customers, and the commercial services and the engineering center — provides convenience for negotiations, events, and meetings with the Customers and partners, participation in exhibitions and forums.

The proximity of the head offices and technical centers of many suppliers and partners of the Company, as well as the presence of its own laboratory of the control systems with testing stands and equipment allows personnel of the engineering center of JSC PC StankoPress to develop, test, debug and quickly implement the most advanced technical solutions, using the latest developments of the component base.

The engineering center is the scientific center of the Company, which focuses on innovative activities and applied research in the field of developing processing, measuring and controlling technologies with the aim of building advanced technological equipment and introducing advanced processing and control technologies in various engineering industries.

Kolomna Plant

The plant of JSC PC StankoPress in Kolomna city, Moscow Region, performs the functions of the main production site. Technical Direction, including designing and engineering departments, procurement services, production and auxilliary services are also located in Kolomna.

The location in one of the industrial centers of the Moscow region, as well as one of the famous Russian machine tool centers — Kolomna city provides the high qualification of personnel, good transport accessibility (M5 Moscow — Ryazan, less than 100 km from Domodedovo airport and MKAD, the main branch of the Moscow-Ryazan railway line) and the infrastructure development. The additional advantage in the field of personnel and production cooperation is the proximity of another historic center of machine tool building - Ryazan city.