Russian manufacturer
of process equipment *
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Activities of the Company

Uniting engineering center and production capacities JSC PC StankoPress implements its competence through the following activities:

  • Designing and production of heavy and unique process equipment;
  • Retrofitting and modernization of machine tools, hydraulic presses and forging hammers;
  • Designing and building of computer system controls (hardware and software);
  • Special industrial software development;
  • Designing, engineering and running of the projects on unique equipment creation;
  • Innovations, researches and developments.

Key advantages:

Competence. The personnel of JSC PC StankoPress shows a wide range of knowledge and a wide experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of the unique technological equipment and products for various purposes. The Production Company pays much attention to qualification of engineering and technical team and management staff. The knowledge and skills of the team is the key to applying the most promising technical solutions, the most effective components, minimizing risks while creating equipment of any complexity level, optimizing the cost of projects.

Pragmatism, reliability and responsibility. The ompliance with its obligations to the Customers and partners is one of the most important priorities for JSC PC StankoPress. The Production Company does not see its goal to receive orders and conclude contracts at any cost. The orders will either be accepted and executed or will not be accepted at all. Before running any project, all risks associated are carefully identified and evaluated. According to this, the Company gains the positive experience and reputation. The entire working design documentation, manufactured by JSC PC StankoPress is necessarily accompanied by technical support service. The technical support of manufactured and supplied equipment is provided throughout warranty period and upon its completion.

Quality. JSC PC StankoPress pays great attention to the quality of manufactured engineering design documentation, equipment and individual parts and assemblies. In this regard, one of the first positions in the technical development plans always takes equipment to control the quality of products and regulate the quality assurance and control processes. The receipt in manufacture or issue to the Customer of poor-quality raw materials or production is excluded.