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Engineering and Consulting

JSC PC «StankoPress» renders services in development of technologies, design and preparation of technological and special equipment production for various purposes.

The experience in the implementation of major projects in the field of design and manufacture of heavy and unique process equipment allows employees of JSC PC «StankoPress» to provide services of the chief project engineer in the main fields of activity. The main object of engineering is technology: the technology of manufacturing parts or products. The technology can be developed both in the form of research, and in the form of a sequence of technological processes and the necessary technological equipment. The secrets of advanced and unique technologies often lie in the design of technological equipment that provides the key phases of the technological process.

When developing and implementing projects to create heavy and special process equipment, in addition to general technical, design and functional requirements that provide the necessary technology for the production process - there are three key priorities that are at the head of such a project:

  • Economic efficiency of the project
  • Technical level, quality and reliability of manufactured equipment
  • Project implementation period

The economic efficiency of the project for the creation of technological equipment consists from the relation of expenses on design, production, installation and start-up of the equipment to its productivity, on condition of minimization of operational expenses and maximization of the interrepair period.

The main part of the problems is solved at the design stage. After all, the design of excessively massive equipment can lead to the need to manufacture excessively expensive foundation and organization of excessive crane economy. The design of unnecessarily cumbersome and heavy basic design details can lead to difficulties in the transportation and installation of the equipment. The design of low-efficiency, overly cumbersome basic and auxiliary equipment systems (no matter it is an aspiration system, an individual hydraulic drive, a pumping station, etc.) - entails significant costs for capital construction or re-planning of production facilities. The low level of unification, as well as the excessive complexity of the equipment design, can significantly complicate its maintenance and repair, which will be felt quite acutely after 15 years of operation. The excessive orientation of equipment to a certain type of the product may not allow you to rebuild in difficult economic conditions to produce similar, but more popular products. A poorly thought-out equipment design can lead to frequent downtime due to repair. Finally, a low level of fitness for subsequent modernization threatens with nothing more than a repetition of large capital expenditures, which are only postponed in time for 20-25 years.

The experience in designing, manufacturing, operating, servicing and upgrading heavy and unique technological equipment allows the staff of JSC PC StankoPress to design compact, efficient, productive equipment, optimizing the costs of its manufacturing and repair, while implementing all the necessary technical requirements for equipment based on as simple as possible constructive solutions, with the use of modern components and the maximum general industrial unification.

The equipment design is carried out taking into account the available production capacities of the Customer, availability and/or preferences in the field of production cooperation, preferences in the field of manufacturers of purchased component parts. When implementing projects on the territory of Russia, in parallel with the design - the cost of manufacturing components and the cost of components is analyzed, in order to control the compliance of the planned project cost. If necessary, together with the Customer, decisions can be made on the design changes in order to optimize the cost of manufacturing the equipment.

The technical level of the equipment is primarily determined by the level of competence of the specialists performing the design.