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Retrofitting and modernization of technological equipment

In the conditions of modern production there is no need to prove the economic efficiency and expediency of carrying out retrofitting and modernization of technological equipment. After all, with the cost of retrofitting and modernization in 50-60% from the cost of new equipment, the Customer receives a unit of equipment in output that is comparable on its technological capabilities and technical characteristics to new equipment. In addition to direct economic efficiency and expansion of technological capabilities of the equipment, there are a number of indirect advantages of retrofitting and modernization of machines tools and presses:

  • There is no need for redevelopment of buildings or the organization of a new foundation. In most cases, upgraded equipment is installed on the old foundation.
  • There is no need for large investments in staff retraining. At the request of the Customer, the upgraded equipment can also be equipped with an additional, classic control panel, in order to facilitate the work and familiarize the staff with the new capabilities of the equipment.
  • There is no need to purchase new machine tools and technological equipment (except for changing the fastening systems of the equipment or worktables at the request of the Customer).
  • The significantly shorter terms for the transfer of the library of technological programs to the formats of new technological equipment.
  • The shortest possible decommissioning period of a technological equipment unit (in comparison with the installation of new technological equipment in place of the old one).
  • A significant reduction in the complexity of work on commissioning and maintenance of equipment, combined with the already familiar design of equipment for operating and maintenance personnel.
  • A significant reduction in the complexity of work on adjustment and maintenance of equipment combined with the already familiar equipment design for operating and maintenance staff.
  • The lack of necessity of carrying costs for the implementation of the used equipment.

JSC PC «StankoPress» provides services for retrofitting and modernization of machine tools and forging equipment. The purpose of retrofitting and modernization can be various: from supporting activities for the replacement of electrical equipment of machine tools to the retrofitting of the machine tools, the presses or other technological equipment with the recovery of the geometric accuracy, replacement of systems, hydraulics and pneumatics, an in-depth modernization: designing and manufacturing of a new spindle for heavy horizontal boring machines tools, hydraulic presses and transfer installations, from pumping stations on an individual hydraulic actuator, development and manufacture manipulators for forging presses, automation of production processes and organization of remote management, etc.

The experience of retrofitting and modernization of machines tools and presses by the Company's employees allows in the shortest possible period to develop a project for the modernization of the machine, determine the list of necessary measures, their complexity and the list of necessary components for machine modernization, which allows the project to provide the optimal project cost at the pre-project stage and technical level of the work performed.

The retrofitting and modernization of heavy and unique technological equipment is carried out exclusively with a preliminary inspection of equipment subject to modernization. According to the results of the inspection, the Customer can be offered various options for upgrading the machine tools, providing for a different amount of work and the technical level of the modernization result that meets the technological requirements and financial capabilities of the Customer.

Ask questions and discuss possible options for cooperation can be addressed to the commercial department of JSC PC «StankoPress».