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Company's policy in the field of retrofitting and modernization of technological equipment

All technical and commercial proposals for maintenance repair, retrofitting or modernization of technological equipment are provided to the Customers on the basis of an official request made in an arbitrary form and sent to e-mail, by fax +7 (499) 978 39 13 or by e-mail of the employee of the commercial department who is in contact with the Customer. The official request should be sent from the official e-mail of the Customer's company (including the employee's official e-mail) or on the Company's official letterhead, signed by the head of the organizational unit that sent the request. The request (letter or e-mail) should contain information about the full name and the position of the employee who sent the request or similar data to the person responsible for processing the request, as well as contact information to communicate him/her: phone number and e-mail address (if not – fax).

The requests sent from personal e - mail boxes that are not supported by an official letter or do not contain contact information, are processed secondarily and in one way or another after providing complete contat information only.

The Customer can also receive the initial consultation by calling the Company's phones. The employees of the commercial management will certainly respond to most of the Customer's requests. The employees of the commercial management never provide information about the equipment cost and services to the Customer while contacting by phone. The information on the cost is provided only as a part of commercial or technical-commercial proposals. The cost of works and equipment is formed according to the results of calculations performed on the basis of actual information about the cost of materials and components and knowledge of the specific wishes of the Customer. Otherwise, the provided price is «taken from the ceiling». In the habit of instant pricing at the first telephone call, we see signs of unprofessionalism and a low level of responsibility on the part of all parties who believe that this is possible.

Below we consider a number of special cases occurring at the request of the Customers.

Small and medium-sized equipment

The Company is not interested to perform works abroad on retrofitting and revamping of relatively small and simple machines like: 16B16, 16K20, 2A622, 6K12, 6M13 (Russian-make) and others. 

The Company is not interested to perform works abroad in regions that are located far away from Russia. Exception for this case may constitute projects on retrofitting or revamping of heavy and unique technological equipment or large scope of works on smaller machines.

Especially for such cases, the format of cooperation is provided when the Customer purchases a modernization project from JSC PC «StankoPress» with a set of assembly and schematic diagrams and a specification for purchased component parts and performs equipment modernization independently. This format of cooperation has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • Optimization of modernization costs.
  • Modernization is performed by employees who have the maximum confidence of the Customer and know the most modernized equipment.
  • Freedom in time planning of the repair.
  • Freedom to choose and purchase components.
  • In the presence of a fleet of similar equipment, the modernization project can be purchased only once.

In addition, the contract for the purchase of the machine modernization project may provide for the author's support of the specialists of JSC PC «StankoPress», who will support the Customer's staff by phone, e-mail and other means of communication.

It can also happen that we will not find opportunities with the Customer to combine interests and the Customer will receive a very polite refusal, as one of the fundamental rules for JSC PC StankoPress is «Do not take orders at any cost. The order will either be executed qualitatively, or it will not be accepted into work initially». The quality of the executed works is the main priority of the Company's policy in the field of services and forms the basis for a positive reputation.

Discuss possible options for cooperation by contacting the commercial department of JSC PC StankoPress.


Retrofitting and modernization of heavy and unique machine tools and presses

With its own production site and quality management system, JSC PC StankoPress has a number of beneficial advantages in the modernization of heavy and unique technological equipment of any complexity and any manufacturer.

In cases where the technical documentation for the machine or press is lost - it is possible to restore the parts to the standards, as well as the departure of a specialist for a detailed diagnosis of the equipment. If it is necessary to restore information about the equipment with a partial disassembly of the machine - the diagnosis service is provided under a separate contract with the Customer.

In the part of forging equipment, JSC PC «StankoPress» provides services for retrofitting and modernization of forging presses, steam and pneumatic hammers (transfer to hydraulic drive). The services for the modernization of the electric screw presses - are not the scope of JSC PC «StankoPress».

Ask questions and discuss possible options for cooperation by contacting the commercial management of JSC PC «StankoPress».